Sunday, April 17, 2011

for all our "serenity now!" moments of life.

daily horoscope: you've been through many changes before but nothing quite like this one.

today, i read a simple statement that stuck with me for the rest of my day.. 
"all things are delicately interconnected." 
usually if i hear an interesting quote or idea, i think about it for a second then file it under my "will-probably-never-contemplate-it-again-but-will-reference-it-in-a-paper-or-email-months-later" file, but as my day went on i noticed i began to question why i was running late, or why i happened to open the door to leave work right as a person i once knew walked by... i began to question the smallest actions, secretly thinking they'd reveal their purpose at the end of my day. (not even joking, as I was running late i pictured myself avoiding an accident that i would have been in had i left 5 minutes earlier, or finding $400 in twenties blowing by me right as i happened to walk by... so far, no luck.)
but that's where the word 'delicately' changes that meaning. every single day we're put in situations that play as a domino piece leading us to right now. (i feel like this concept can be easily categorized under the same theme of the movie the Butterfly Effect, but i'm speaking from a level of consciousness...) 
 i can't help but look back on all those "are you fucking kidding me?" moments, where my frustration and awe of my shitty luck manifest itself in to a hypothetical bus crushing every bone in my body, and I begin to think about how differently i'd see my life if i had the ability to understand the significance of that shitty day. 
It's a tall order to try being grateful for the most aggravating or hurtful situations i find myself in...few have demonstrated that selflessness, but I want to challenge myself to identify the possibilities of any negative situation i'm thrown into.
 maybe after i practice the acknowledgement of the bigger picture i can start being grateful for what's next.
but, that's for another chunk of life.