Wednesday, January 25, 2012

a negativity diet on steroids.

You don’t have to settle, it’s simply a choice you make every day.  If you feel like you’re running in place there’s a good chance you’re tolerating things you shouldn’t be.  It’s time to reclaim your life.
Starting now, stop tolerating:
  1. People who bring you down. – Relationships should help you, not hurt you.  Spend time with nice people who are smart, driven and likeminded.
  2. A work environment or career field you hate. – Don’t settle on the first or second career field you dabble in.  Keep searching.  Eventually you will find work you love to do.  If you catch yourself working hard and loving every minute of it, don’t stop.  You’re on to something big.  Because hard work ain’t hard when you concentrate on your passions.
  3. Your own negativity. – Be aware of your mental self-talk.  We all talk silently to ourselves in our heads, but we aren’t always conscious of what we’re saying or how it’s affecting us.  Start listening to your thoughts.  If you hear negative thoughts, stop and replace them with positive thoughts.
  4. Unnecessary miscommunication. – Say what you mean.  Mean what you say.  Speak clearly.  Ask questions.  Clarify things until you understand them.
  5. A disorganized living and working space. – Clear the clutter.  Get rid of stuff you don’t use.  
  6. Your own tardiness. – Get up 30 minutes earlier so you don’t have to rush around like a mad man.  That 30 minutes will help you avoid speeding tickets, tardiness and other unnecessary headaches.
  7. Pressure to fit in with the crowd. – Oftentimes, the only reason others want you to fit in is that once you do they can ignore you and go about their business.  Don’t conform.  Be you, because that’s the only person you can be.
  8. An unhealthy body. – Your health is your life.  Don’t let it go.  Eat right, exercise and get an annual physical check-up.  The 4-Hour Body is an insightful and entertaining read on this topic.
  9. Fear of change. – Life is change.  Every day is different.  Every day is a new beginning and a new ending.  Embrace it and make the best of it.
  10. All work and no play. – Enjoy yourself and have a little fun while you can.  If you’re smiling, you’re doing something right.
  11. People or beauty ads that make you feel inadequate. – Good looks attracts the eyes.  Personality attracts the heart.  Be proud to be you.  You are already beautiful.
  12. Not getting enough sleep. – A tired mind is rarely productive.
  13. Doing the same exact thing over and over again. – You are the sum of your life experiences.  The more you experience, the more interesting your life story gets.
  14. Personal greed. – Don’t let greed and deceit get the best of you.  Greed will bury even the lucky eventually.
  15. A mounting pile of debt. – Always live well below your means.  Don’t buy stuff you don’t need.  Always sleep on big purchases.  Create a budget and savings plan and stick to them.  
  16. Dishonesty. – Living a life of honesty creates peace of mind, and peace of mind is priceless.  Period.  Don’t be dishonest and don’t put up with people who are.
  17. Infidelity. – Intimate relationships are a sacred bond – a circle of trust.  If both parties aren’t 100% onboard the relationship isn’t worth fighting for.
  18. An unsafe home. – If you don’t feel safe at home you’ll never feel safe anywhere.  Build a loving household in a safe area that you are proud to call ‘home.’
  19. Being unprepared. – Life is unpredictable.  And there’s a big difference between being scared and being prepared.  Always be prepared.
  20. Inaction. – Either you’re going to take action and seize new opportunities or someone else will.  You can’t change anything or make any sort of progress by sitting back and thinking about it.

thanks, lifehack, for the awesome advice and breath of fresh air. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

After a chaotic, complicated, and overstimulated shift that began at 5:15 this morning, I sat and chatted with a wonderful friend for a few minutes. After our goodbyes, I put on my coat and walked to my car a few blocks away. I ruffled through my purse trying to find a light for my cigarette (I promise, Mom, I'm going to quit!) and began to comb through my pockets. In my closed fists I found a quarter, a receipt, a lighter, and a hand-written note that sent chills down my spine. 
It wasn't the unexpected surprise, nor was it the literal words that affected me so deeply; it was simply the fact someone believed in me so much to tell me how they felt. 

So, let me tell you how I feel...

Insecurities take a hold of us, and sometimes, they stop at nothing to defeat our courage. We're born with an incredible desire to explore and to learn, but as we get older, our curiosity is replaced with fear.
What we want is overrun by what we don't want. 
What we hope for is destroyed by what could possibly destroy us
We live in the margins, and in our safe zones, without ever peeking around the corner to see what lies ahead.
We're afraid of what can be, and live our lives by what we're told life is. 
We live with so much potential bursting at the seams of our spirit, and settle with a only peep from our discouraged soul.
But, despite all of that, I want to share with you the incredible feeling I felt today. It wasn't a self-centered, narcissistic, or optimistic feeling, it was a humble feeling of fulfillment. 
I want you to understand that YOU have the ability and the opportunity to change your life and to be the person you really are and really want to be. YOU can change what you want, if you want it. The person you strive to be is needed by the people around you, and whether you like it or not, you are an influence on the world surrounding you.

Remember that.

Here's the note from Sara Meyer, the amazing lady who lives as an inspiration to all. 

Thank you, Sara. Coming from you, it's the biggest compliment I could have received.