Tuesday, December 20, 2011

winter: frozen in time.

a few of my favorite winter things! 

adorable little trees.

breanna's peppermint vanilla cinnamon mocha!

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cute decorations!

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everything is more romantic in the snow.

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cozy is just a little more cozy.

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every walk seems more meaningful.

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little frost angels leaving their marks.

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you're never too old to make a snowman.

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boots make the cutest outfits.

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the more scarves the better!

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yarn makes everything cozier.

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everything looks more beautiful with a dip of crystal.

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cuddles with the boyfriend always seem a little better. 

merry christmas to the beauties of my life.

java christmas party 2011 !

 my date.

rev ref! 

the beauty queen!

the kitchen babes.

java hyde park! 

take 2.

my jamie and her ryry.

we wanted to look as cute as jamie and ryan, hahaha

beer pong in the kitchen!

my three favorite people in the whole world.

naomi wins the game! 

we were trying to take a picture while it was recording, we're so stupid. 

kayla, naomi, cody, breanna!

our new friend.
these dorks got a hold of my camera.. 

i love you, javites!