Saturday, May 28, 2011

be better, not bitter. the two choices that will change your life.

whenever you find yourself in a situation that frustrates you, or hurts you, or makes you cry or scream or give up and give in; you always have two options.

the first one is the obnoxious, obvious, impatient choice to impulsively react to the situation without any thought or reflection. this choice is easy, sometimes exhilarating, and the adrenaline rush of saying the thoughts that instantly appear in your head without thinking creates a powerful high of emotion. this choice is often used by the intoxicated, the exhausted, the immature and the selfish side of people, all of which have one thing in common: the unwillingness/inability to reflect on their own feelings and be honest with themselves.

the second choice is quiet. it sits in the back of your mind, waiting for the emotional dust to settle before making it's entrance. it's timid, and when it speaks to you, it whispers. it doesn't shout over your other thoughts, or swelling emotions, it waits for hours, even days and weeks to whisper to you something you've felt inside for a long time. this choice will speak only a few words, sometimes stinging when you first realize what they mean. when it speaks, you feel a 'growing pain' of character, a shrinking of pride, a dwindling flame of anger. it's the first initial feeling of, "but, it's not fair!" or "why should I be the one to ____?!" etc, but inside your gut knew this choice all along.

ambrose bierce once said "speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret", and i couldn't agree more. after a venting bitching session, even with my closest friends, i don't feel better because of the nasty things i just "let off my chest", i feel better because someone listened to me and heard what i had to say.

no matter where you find yourself in any type of situation, you have the ability to be better that the person you were before that moment. i fully believe every single day, you can be a better person than yesterday.
next time you feel emotional, frustrated, angry, sad, etc. just remember that the answer you're looking for lies within the stillness of your emotions.

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