Friday, May 13, 2011

i love the life i live.

i love the kids i nanny, espeically landon's (who's three) one liners like,
 "fwee-onna? can we talk man- to-man? "

i love creating cute things.

i love that feeling when you can't stop smiling.

i absolutely love gustav klimt.

i love being kind of ridiculous all of the time.

i love a young jack nicholson. 

i love when a bunch of girls can get together without cattiness.

i love the weather in scotland. 

i love how soft my kitty is.

i love that my brothers date amazing girls.

i love when it's summer so you don't mind when twigs get caught in your sandals.

i love one-of-a-kind memories.

i love being spontaneous.

i fucking love cookies.

i love olivia. so much.

i love the ninja turtles and i love that my brothers still play them.

i love good people with big hearts.

i love being from the family i belong to.

i love big hats, ratty hair and shaggy motives.

i love being creepy with vincent.

i love rooms that make you feel cozy and colorful.

i love the fact i have the ability to not let things ruin my day with a simple change of thought...
(not always, but most of the time).

i love, love, love laughing.

i love neighbors who make you feel like you just have a big, huge, lovable home.

i love laughing until it hurts.

i love duck hunt, and how it runs in the family.

i love the inspiration i am filled with by certain people (robin).

i love summer days in green parks with good friends.

i love looking at pictures that make you smile on the inside.

i love pictures that instantly bring you back to where and when it was taken.

i absolutely love my brother(s).

i love painting. love.

i love people who make you want to be better.

i love having someone who will love me unconditionally. sometimes friends aren't there,
sometimes boyfriends don't care, but family will always be.

i love cheesy accessories.

i love being obnoxious.

i love working at java.

i love pictures that make you wish you were there.
(it was probably the classiest joke ever told).

i love cute details.

i love candy. and i love, even more than candy, the fact my brother
brought me seven candy bars for valentine's day because he knew.

i love being left handed.

i love the colors and subjects of eastern art.

i love thinking about why i do the things i do, i love finding more out about myself.

i love that my family lives so close.

and i love that we're together for every holiday, birthday, and random weekend.

i love my life.

here are some tips to find the things in your life worth loving, including yourself. no one can give you anything, they can only show you what you already have.

Below are 60 ideas for glowing:
60. Eliminate shoulds.
59. Enjoy down time.
58. Run towards your fears.
57. Be dependable.
56. Embrace self-responsibility.
55. Be completely honest.
54. First meet your own needs.
53. Notice the beauty around you.
52. Open your mind to change.
50. Set attainable goals.
49. Go at your own pace.
48. Honor your individuality.
47. Open yourself to umlimited possibilities.
46. See the humor in things.
45. Celebrate your imperfections.
44. Reward yourself.
43. Be flexible.
42. Be gentle with yourself.
41. Be open to being wrong.
40. Laugh for no reason.
39. Light candles.
38. Enjoy nature.
37. Get a message.
36. Congratulate yourself.
35. Know yourself.
34. Appreciate where you are today.
33. Give yourself space.
32. Breathe mindfully.
31. Communicate your emotions.
30. Learn to relax.
29. Meditate.
28. Say no more often.
27. Experience new things.
26. Take mini breaks throughout the day.
25. Create personal affirmation cards, use daily.
24. Hang out with positively happy people.
23. Schedule fun times for yourself.
22. Make your car a sanctuary.
21. Dress for success.
20. Be impecably groomed.
19. Balance your energy.
18. Recharge your batteries.
17. Refuse to argue.
16. Balance your diet.
15. Sleep sound.
14. Persevere.
13. Feel and express gratitude.
12. Give up self put-downs.
11. Develop your intuition.
10. Learn to hold your own hand.
9. Accept your physical appearance.
8. Keep your cool.
7. Vent in a positive way.
6. Speak kindly of yourself.
5. Be brave. 
4. Learn to calm yourself.
3. Listen to music.
2. Make the most of every opportunity.
1. Start fresh each day.

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