Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Of all the people in all the world!

Of All The People In All The World, a traveling art exhibit in the UK, uses grains of rice to bring the large numbers behind world populations to the grasp of the average human being.
In the exhibit, one grain of rice equals one person and those grains of rice are put together to represent all kind of statistics from the small ...(such as the number of people who have walked on the moon) to the large (the population of the United States as seen below).

Jews, homosexuals, disabled people, political dissenters killed in the holocaust.

the population in 1 ad 

the population of the world in 1900.


new orleans prior hurricane katrina vs. after.
the amount of people who watched the "apprentice" final episode (2008).

the population of india.


I would love to see this up close. To actually see the amount of people symbolized in millions of tiny pieces of rice is quite a humbling experience, even merely though a picture. I think the impact would be much more profound in person.

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