Thursday, June 16, 2011

cheyb: happy birthday to a girl as beautiful as the soul she has.

to my cheybie rose, 
i wish you could see yourself the way i see you, 
and i wish you could love yourself the way i love you. 
and above all, i wish your life is full of the hope and inspiration
that you share with everyone around you. 
your spirit is one of the most beautiful i've ever encountered, and your 
smile lights up every room it enters. your heart loves so much, and asks
for so little in return. you are the rarest person in the world.
you're my cheerleader, my life coach, my therapist, my silly
immature equal, my support system, my beautiful cheyb....
 i love you, my dear best friend, and thank you-for always bringing out the best in me.

happy birthday to the most beautiful soul i am blessed to know.


  1. Okay, Now I'm crying...This is the sweetest, most thoughtful birthday present I've ever received Bona!!! I can't tell you how blessed I feel to have had you in my life over the years. So many amazing memories, and I know the best is yet to come! I love you with all my heart- I can't wait for our exciting future together full of inspiration, support and love. I love you Breanna, my best friend & leaf to the tree of my heart :)


  2. these bring back so many memories. i love you two more than republicans love money and guns. <3 happy birfday chooinator