Monday, June 27, 2011

my life's inspiration: people to whom i owe a life-time of gratitude.

i read this post secret on this weeks segment, and it reminded me of all the people that inspire me in the littlest ways. today, i want to celebrate those people (famous & not) and thank them for lighting the spark of my

margaret thatcher, thank you for showing females all over the world that they're capable of extraordinary things.

thank you, HamRony, for believing in who i am. your strength and imagination of the world makes me feel like  if you can do it, i can too. 

my cheyb, thank you for being an example and for being a beautiful soul. your heart is the most forgiving & generous i know, and i will love and admire you for the rest of my life.

thank you, grandma brandon and grandma teal, for being so badass, so beautiful, and so much of who i am.

blakers, thank you for teaching me to never stop learning, and thank you for having so much faith in who i am and what i want to accomplish; everytime i see you i'm inspired to be more than what i can conceive. you're my best friend and i love you!

lao tzu, thank you for teaching me the beauty in simplicity and patience.

naomi, your strength is so admirable and your talent is so unreal. thank you for sharing your life lessons with me.

ben, there are no words for my gratitude for what you've given me. you are genuinely my very best friend, and i love and admire you every single day.

grandpa, thank you for instilling the pride i have in my family, and especially in myself.

Leesk, oh leesk. thank you for loving me without reservations. you've never hesitated to be by my side when i've needed you, and i'm forever grateful.

judah, thank you for showing me the beauty in the world. you fill me with so much warmth and happiness, my little peenie poo.

brettbabybrotherbear, thank you for your loyalty, your compassion, your ability to do so much for others with so little expectation. you are so wonderful to me, and i can't imagine who i am without my incredible brother. 

brittany, the light you share with me goes farther than you can imagine. i admire, and thank you for being what i hope i can someday be: beautiful, passionate, sincere, genuine, and brilliantly driven.

caitlin, i have never met a soul more beautiful than yours. you speak only kindness, and act only out of love. i'm grateful for even knowing of you, because your presence & warmth ripples through everyone that knows you.

Krista & Elizabeth, thank you for both showing me what strong, fascinating, beautiful women SHOULD be like. you're both idols to me, and will always be.

dani, thank you for being my dani. i love you, and i love that you are so compassionate and sincere, and i love that i have a sister better than i could have ever asked for.

thank you, my brandon family, for being a family to be proud of.

janjan, thank you for inspiring me to hold on. you show me the life i want to be living, and you live it all the time.

rachelle, thank you for showing me what it means to have a heart for god and a life for you. 

gustav, thank you for the beauty you've sprinkled in my life.

maya, thank  you for being you.

most importantly, my mom. thank you for being my mother: you've taught me the most beautiful lessons in the most incredible ways. 


  1. *there are MANY people who inspire me and teach me something new everyday, and i haven't forgotten or taken you for granted. so please, don't take offense or feel hard feelings if you're not mentioned- i promise i will do another soon.

  2. What a nice thing to say.
    Everyday I feel like I have been given an Angel.


    PS... There was a little girl who had a little swirl right in the middle of her forehead.
    when she was good , she was really good. and when she was bad ....

  3. ...she was HORRID! hahahahaa <3