Sunday, June 12, 2011

the story of stuff. and some happy campers.

i've been noticing how caught up i've been getting in buying and collecting little things that i don't need.
our lives are constantly cluttered, crammed, and bursting with things we don't need. when we watch tv, we constantly hear "you need to buy a better, bigger!, stronger, faster, prettier, newer, more fashionable __!" but, the truth is, the more we cram and shove into our fragile, sensitive lives, the more we shove the important things out.

Thoreau said "our life is frittered away by detail. simplify, simplify". lao tzu once said "manifest plainness, embrace simplicity, Reduce selfishness, Have few desires." steve maraboli writes "simplify your life. you don't grow spiritual, you shrink spiritual", a quote that changed the way i thought about things. 

the story of stuff will make you burn with the realization we have more than we need, want, or even can handle. watch this brief 21 minute video, and bring it with you next time you're faced with a salesman, commercial, mail ad, or sting of desire for something you can simply do without.

sometimes, i'm tempted to sell all my junk, buy a camper (like one of the cute little nuggets below) and move away. 
but, i'd miss too many people. so i'll just fantasize about it.


  1. i quit. i'm buying a camper.

  2. haha, we can buy land somewhere and each have our own camper, it'd be the cutest camper community ever.

  3. holy hell, we'd have too much fun. seriously. let's do it! and p.s. i want you both on my next camping trip