Sunday, July 24, 2011

the brandon adventures!

whipped cream vodskey! 

bunk house. boys playing risk, girls getting frisky.

cutest snuggle bugs ever!

on our way to see the bats! every summer, 1.5 million Mexican free-tailed bats fly out from under congress bridge in downtown austin to feast on the mosquitoes & bugs by the river!  
 (they look like this, pretty cute!:)

sarah's adorable jewelry, she's loved bats since she was four!

this is only about 1/2 the amount of people that showed up that night, every single night this place is packed with people watching the bats!

here are some videos (that aren't mine) that show you what it looks like:

pure, the cutest bar i've been to. pretty girly, but really cool.

the girls' haggard selves!

our awesome hotel room that my grandpa got for us just so we could use the showers (since austin has had
an awful drought and there were 8 of us, we decided 8 showers a day wouldn't be good)...
but the WATER WAS SHUT OFF! ahh! haahah

me lookin' nakey.

someone poisoned my brothers! 

dani, that sneaky little goose. 

cutsie corngirl and body building breanna.

marissa makes the best bloody maries in the northern hemisphere. 

this is ben in his most comfortable habitat. 

favorite picture of the couples laughing at bj.

indian leg wrestling: i beat everyone except for the monster-legged ben! 

rocky's (marissa's awesome twin sister) dog, hope! i threw her in the pool, she hated me ever since.

twins! coolest girls.

all the girls huddled around gramps. he enjoyed this the most, i think. hahaha.

the pound tattooed hope's belly with the female symbol so they could tell, how effed is that!

raquel and marissa!

horse races! 

my lovely grandparents.

ben, brona, gramps, grandma, blakers, sarah, dani, brett, brandon, and marissa!

"the brandon center: for exceptional grandchildren." hahahaha

when we were wee ones, my grandpa made us stand with our hands behind our backs and took 
individual pictures of us underneath his arch. now, the four of us going back grown up, we had 
to retake the picture.

saddest view, grandpagrandpa waving goodbye. :(

some creepy corngirl was making awful faces at me on the way home to boise!

my handsome fellow was waiting with these at the airport for me, what a wonderful
experience to come home to! 

i love you austin, with all my heart. 
i'll never forget who i am, or the amazing family i come from.

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