Friday, August 19, 2011

7 beliefs of super happy people.

1. You are okay.
You are as you are, with all your limits, with all your faults, the good and the bad. You have the right to exist and be happy.

2. Your life is no accident.
Your life has a meaning: it might be humble, it might be great, it might be rational, or it might be totally weird! No needs to explain it: it just makes sense.

3. You can choose the life you want.
You can enjoy what you have and change what you don’t like.

4. Your past is okay.
There are things your are proud of, and maybe others you wish you hadn’t done. There are periods in which life has treated you well, and others in which you felt so very unlucky. All is all part of your story, all is part of who you are.

5. Your present is interesting.
This crazy thing called life is so damned interesting!

6. Your future is bright.
Things will turn out well. If anything bad happens, you will cope with it and you will find a way to learn from experience.

7. You are loved.
Loneliness is just a state of mind: if you close your eyes, love is all around you! 


  1. i needed this today. i love you.

  2. well #7 especially applies to you.. you're loved in measurements so large, there are no words to explain their magnitude!