Tuesday, August 23, 2011

some favorite memories of the summer 2011!

catcus with hamron!

shuffleboard with the boys!

favorite ladies in the world!

my beauty nerdlet! 

most beautiful wedding i've ever seen!

funnest camping trip ever!

loveliest friends! 

my handsome fellow!

birthday best frien!

catchin' lil' squeakers !

horse racing with margaritas!

twin brothers!


stealin' table arrangements! 

most favorite night of all summer!

being the goofiest bridesmaid!

photo shoots!

my adorable family!

hahahahaah being a ra'tard!

talking so much we can't shut up!

lady gaga dresses and bachelorette parties!

best group of girlies ever!

my darling ty and sweet pea bree!


awe, the cutest couple!

booze clues'in! 

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