Thursday, November 24, 2011

11-22-88, all doubles, no troubles.

I'm 23.
when i was a kid i thought by the time i was 23, i'd be an adult. i'd have a real job, and a husband, and would drink dry martinis on the weekend with my college girlfriends while working in an office and taking taxis to meetings and plane rides to vacations. 
well, i'm 23. i still watch cartoons, and cry when i don't get my way. i hate martinis, i rarely see my girlfriends and i'm still in school. i don't have an office, and i don't go on vacations, and i sure as hell don't have taxi money for meetings in non-existent conference rooms. 

but, i do have a life that i'm proud of. every day that i'm alive, i realize how much of my life is truly mine
so, on my 23rd birthday, i'm grateful to say that although i'm not where i thought i was going to be when i was younger, i'm definitely the person i'm meant to be. and i can't wait to grow more and more into that person, everyday.

so here is some photo documentation of the 23rd year of my life!

my little sister's birthday card, makes me smile every time i see it.

 love bug kisses, testing out my new camera! (haven't figured it out, yet!)

 smoochin' on my little lola, sweetest pea in the whole pod.

old chicago's with my other halves (more like other 1/6s). 

cutest lil' pair :)


body and creanna!

lips for days! 

having so much fun!

deformed friends. 


shuffling masters! 

scared roy:)