Thursday, July 7, 2011

les bois park avec mes belles dames.

Les Bois park with my beautiful ladies, and handsome fellow.

vincent crunchin' his numbers..

vincent still calculating odds and percentages, he even brought his own scratch paper and calculator. 

i was getting pretty tipsy, and feeling quite southern...

we even matched outfits :)

i won $seven eighty on a $two dollar bet! 

my babes, i can never have a bad day when they're around..

cutest friends ever.

i get excited after 2 beers, 2 margaritas, and a bloody mary! 

messican with sergio and sweet pea!

"uh, breanna, you have bean dip on your hat.."

frigging cutest siblings ever!

i love you, cheyb!

who's that cutie wearing a pillow?

"dude, seriously, let's play spin the bottle!"
"Steve's a name, cheyb." 
"God damn it. I hate this game."

i love these girls, whenever we're together i feel blessed that i have them. <3